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Emily Taylor


Emily teaches ukulele, robotics, rhythm, and art. She also has accompanied the choir.

Emily is one of our homeschooled interns, currently in the 11th grade.

At Coda, she “I enjoy working at Coda because it’s a place where my skills can be used. Lives are being changed and I get to be a part of that.” -Emily Taylor

When she isn’t in school or working at Coda, she is loving the outdoors, music, books of every genre, and honestly just about anything.

Emily became involved with Coda through her sister, Nikol Minnick (Taylor), when she began coming with her as a volunteer in 2016. She also attended the Summer Music Festival in  July of 2016, which she says got her “hooked”. Emily was inspired to do this work for personal growth. Originally from Clay County, WV and currently lives in Victor, WV.

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