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Coda Community

Due to the recent outbreak of COVID-19, all Community classes have been postponed until the Spring of 2021. Thank you.

Coda Community offers evening classes in Legos robotics, music and art for young people and their parents each Thursday night.  The classes are reasonably priced with parents able to take the classes with their children if they wish for half price. 

The registration fee Coda Community is $15. Tuition for Coda Community is $15 per week or $150 for the entire semester (better value!). Parents may take a class with their child at half the price. Students may take more than one class, if the schedule allows, which will be an additional $15. Music classes (which are instrumental lessons) are 30 minutes followed by 30 minutes of music theory. The Art class time is from 6:30-8:00. The WeDo Lego Robotics classes are from 6:30-7:45 and the Mindstorm Robotics class is from 6:30-8:00. See below for a detailed schedule and a description of some of the classes. Community dinner will begin at 6:00 for you're entire family, no extra fee!

New to Coda Community:

We are now offering a cooking class! This class begins at 6:30 and ends at 8:00.

We are also providing a FREE Bible study for anyone to join while they wait for their child to finish classes!

Art Class 

​Time to get creative! Art class is a place to get messy and have fun creating. There are many projects waiting for you to dive into like sketching, painting, and fascinating artistic crafts that combine a variety of techniques. If you are an experienced artist or just a beginner, we have a project for you.  Art class is a place to learn new techniques and explore different types of media that maybe you haven’t tried before.  It’s also a place to just express yourself…in a fun way.


There’s no time like the present to learn an instrument from our American heritage! In this class, learn tuning, rolls, reading tab, playing chords, and more. Also explore its fascinating history. From mountain music to bluegrass, this basic class is a great chance to learn some of West Virginia’s most loved instruments.  If you so choose the Bluegrass class, you have an opportunity to learn the basics on the instrument of your choice. We offer Banjo, Fiddle, Dobro, Mandolin, Guitar and Bass. You'll be learning Acoustic instruments while you explore fascinating history from Mountain Music to Bluegrass in the hills.

Music Theory

Music theory is a wonderful asset to the other music classes we offer at Coda Community. Here, we will be learning the basic structure of how and why music works, which opens the door for arranging and composing music - and easily applies to the instruments we play, whether it be a stringed instrument, percussive instrument, or the voice! Music theory is foundational on the musical journey to success!


This course is dedicated to learning piano for students who want to read traditional music. This allows for a better understanding of what you are reading and how it fits together with chords. Playing chords is the backbone to forming music faster, either your own work or covers. This course is designed to get you reading and playing quickly, practically and efficiently.


Coda Community offers three different levels of lego robotics – WeDo 1, WeDo2 and Mindstorm.

WeDo 1 is our entry level.  Students will discover how gears, cogs, belts and motors work together to create motion.  They build simple robots from lego blocks then program those robots to do certain tasks.  Programming is simple, picture based, drag and drop icons.  Once this level is complete the student progresses to WeDo 2.

WeDo 2 is our second level.  Although similar to WeDo 1, the robots are a bit more complex.  Sensors that detect motion and degree of tilt are added to the machines to change the way they behave.  Programming is drag and drop icons just like WeDo 1.

Our third level is Mindstorm.  In this series of classes, the student will work with complex autonomous machines that they build themselves.  Programing is a little more advanced and each model they build will have a mission to complete before moving on.


The violin opens the door to many different styles of music including classical, orchestral, chamber, bluegrass, folk, ballad and more. These group or semi-private lessons will teach you how to hold, tune and learn violin skills that set a solid foundation for future success using the Suzuki method!


If you've ever wanted to play an instrument and aren't sure where to start, then this ukulele class is for you! Young and old alike will enjoy playing some favorite tunes on this fun little instrument.

Registration open now! Class sizes are limited and minimum enrollment is necessary to be able to offer certain classes.

Registration Closed
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