Coda Engage 

Coda Engage serves 3rd-8th grade students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This June students will have the opportunity to come to our Engage summer camp. This year the camp will focus on interactive History and English experiences. 

New River Coda Building

19 Maple Ln, Fayetteville

across from MedExpress and next to New River Baptist


History/ Social Studies Topics:

​ We will have two main sections to the History portion of Engage

1) Geography Bowl Competition

     - This will be a game show-style competition that revolves around learning U.S. geography.

     - Our goal is that by the end of the two weeks each student has a grasp of state capitals and locations.

2) Time Machine Adventure

     - During this time our students will participate in time machine adventures where we travel back in time and re-enact key historical events.

     - Our first week we will focus on broad U.S. events like the survival of the Plymouth Colony, the Revolutionary War, and the modern election/ voting process. 

     - Our second week we will focus more on important WV events such as the Mining Wars, the story of the Hatfields and the McCoys, and the mountain top removal crisis.

Reading/ELA Topics:

​We will also have two main sections to our English part of Engage.

1) Drop Everything and Read 

     - During this section we will be reading and listening to the award-winning book Hatchet by Gary Paulson. We will also be working on reading comprehension through a series of hands-on projects.

2) Journaling

     - During this time our main goal is to get our students to enjoy writing again through a variety of journal prompts related to the book we are reading and related to the historical topics we are going over.