Coda Engage 

Coda Engage serves 3rd-8th grade students in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This fall, students will have the opportunity to be a part of our outdoor classroom and indoor internet café where we will offer Math and Language Arts, Music, and Lego robotics. Available for homeschoolers, and virtual learners, 3rd-4th grade only. 

New River Coda Building

19 Maple Ln, Fayetteville

across from MedExpress and next to New River Baptist

Lego Robotics:  Our internet café has individual workstations so kids can build robots and explore computer coding.  Each student will have their own set of Lego blocks and be sitting at least 6 feet away from other students.


Math topics:

  • Money

    • Counting

    • Placement value

    • Budgeting (accounting for enough funds to place orders at restaurants)

    • Learning percentages by tipping servers

  • Measurements

  • Conversions

  • Times tables

  • Number line

Reading/ELA topics:

  • Reading - (restaurant & food reviews and descriptions)

    • Comprehension

    • Analysis 

    • Developing understanding of descriptive and persuasive writing

  • Writing 

    • Vocabulary

    • Quick summary skills

    • Learning to write paragraphs


Hammock Village: What better way to jump start reading than to let the student choose their own book and crawl into a colorful hammock in our brand-new hammock village!  While supplies last, favorite books will be available to take home and keep!

Music:  Classes in guitar, ukulele, drums and bluegrass instruments will be taught outdoors under canopies or, if weather dictates, indoors in small properly spaced groups.  Instruments can be checked out for the duration of Coda Engage.

Character and Spiritual Growth:  Coda Engage, focuses on serving the “whole child” which includes fostering spiritual and emotional growth. Coda promotes good character, integrity, and unconditional love from a non-sectarian Christian world-view. Parents and guardians are encouraged to discuss any concerns or questions with us concerning our approach.


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