Coda Inspire

Coda Mountain Academy’s Coda Inspire is an after school program that serves 3rd – 9th grade students in Fayette County. Students enrolled in Coda Inspire can choose to be in the Music and Art track or the Lego Robotics track. Coda Inspire is provided through collaboration with Fayette County Schools and Coda Mountain Academy.

Students in after school Lego Robotics will have the opportunity to build and program simple robots. If you like Legos, this is a great introduction to the exciting world of robotics! Both competitive and non-competitive robotics classes are offered to select grade levels. Students are able to develop valuable life skills and discover exciting career possibilities through Lego Robotics.

3rd – 8th grade students at Fayetteville PK-8 who are enrolled in after school Music and Art will have the opportunity to study violin, guitar, ukulele, drums, bluegrass, and more  twice a week for 4 weeks each semester at Fayetteville PK-8.


6th – 8th grade students at Oak Hill Middle School will have the opportunity to study guitar, ukulele, violin, drums, and bluegrass. Art class is offered in all schools mentioned above. Coda Inspire offers music lessons, a snack, and a bus ride home – and it’s free!

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