Faculty /  Staff

Day Camps, After School Programs, & Family Classes

Brennan Schmuck


Coda Inspire

Dennis Brown

Teacher & Instrument Repairer

Coda Community, Coda Inspire

Jason Hypes

Choir Teacher

Coda Fine Artz

Julian Taylor

Former Program Director & Violin Faculty

Kiera Lesher

Americorp Volunteer​

Rebecca Morgan

Teacher, Program Manager

SADD, Robotics, Coda Excel

Christa Bowens


Emily Taylor


Coda Inspire, Coda Fine Artz, Coda Kidz

John Doe

Does stuff

Coda Inspire

Julian Taylor

Liberty Morgan


Robotics, Coda Excel, SADD

Aiden Wilhere


Coda Community, Coda Excel

Debbie Peters

Teacher, Coda Center Custodian

Coda Inspire

Emma Villebrun


Coda Community

John Mudcat Peters

Bluegrass Teacher

Coda Inspire, Coda Community

Kathy Claywell

Teacher, Robotics Coach, Office Assistant


Pamela Gross

Music & Voice Teacher

Coda Community

Summer Music Festival

Esther Morey

Executive Director

Esther Morey is the vision, the momentum, and the very heart behind Coda. Her contagious love and passion for serving children and providing a bright future for the new generation of youth has inspired not just the founding of Coda Mountain Academy but many other organizations and the strengthening of countless individuals towards the same goal. Everything from her smile, to her gentleness, even to the frequent bottle of kombucha or carrot juice in her hand, exudes an atmosphere so often absent from our educational system today – one of love, acceptance, and joy.

Marilyn Taylor

Former Program Director & Violin Faculty

Marilyn Taylor joined the Coda faculty in the summer of 2015 and immediately fell in love with the mission of Coda and the youth it serves. For the fourth year, her buoyant spirit and organizational skills will be used to continue in her role as a Program Director of the Summer Music Festival, along with her husband, Julian Taylor.

Zack Stanton

Associate Director, Composition Faculty, & Orchestra Director

Composer, Zack Stanton, joined the Coda faculty in 2017 as head of the Composition Department and Orchestra Director. Zack returns to Coda this summer as an Associate Director.

Julian Taylor

Former Program Director & Violin Faculty

Since 2010, Julian Taylor has been a part of the Coda community as a resident violin faculty member at the Summer Music Festival. His creative outlets in music have helped bring about the fresh and unique musical atmosphere that Coda represents: the exploration of many musical genres and a pioneering spirit, always searching for innovation. For the fourth year, inspired to continue reaching out to West Virginia’s talented youth and broaden the scope of Coda’s impact, he and his wife Marilyn Taylor, have taken on the role as Program Directors over the Summer Music Festival.

Robert Nicholson

Assistant Director & Cello Faculty

Robert Nicholson is the epitome of a true artist through and through. His musical outlets are many and he is well established in each one. He is not only a member of the avant-garde trio Time Canvas, an ensemble exploring the genres of early music, new music, and improvisation, but he is also the cellist of the recently formed, Brahms Ghost Trio. He also performs with many Cleveland-area orchestras and maintains an avid private teaching studio. He loves Baroque music, classic novels, and a dark, rich cup of coffee, bringing a high level of sophistication, quality, and depth to the Coda experience.

Laura Randall

Associate Director & Flute Faculty

Flutist, Laura Randall, became a faculty member at Coda in the summer of 2016. She is returning to the Summer Music Festival as an Associate Director.

Sarah Lee

Associate Director & Bassoon Faculty

Sarah Lee joined the faculty of the Summer Music Festival in 2016. She will be returning to the Summer Music Festival as an Associate Director and Head of Enrollment.

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