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Pamela Gross

Music & Voice Teacher

Pamela teaches piano and voice at Coda Community, and has previously taught Music Anatomy at Coda Inspire.

Pam is inspired to do what she does because of her love for creativity and learning. She says that it is very rewarding to make it possible for others to be able to do the same! Pam feels that she is making a difference when she is teaching music and other subject areas. In her free time, Pam bakes gourmet cookies, participates in songwriting, writing (articles, books, etc.), singing, and playing music.

“I enjoy working for Coda for many reasons. One of which is the opportunity to work with a staff that is compassionate, talented, and willing to commit to making a difference in the lives of others. I enjoy having an opportunity to bring healing, help, and hope to children who need exactly those things.”- Pamela Gross

From Beckley, WV. Pam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Leadership with an Emphasis in Music and Worship.

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