Coda Excel

Imagine your child going to a kid-friendly place each Monday and Wednesday to get help with reinforcement of the core concepts of math, reading, and history in a time machine adventure-themed program. Students from various schools in Fayette County, by-invitation-only, have been selected to participate in this "historical" event where core concepts will be taught through Arts Integration.   Programs will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3:30pm-5:20pm, from 10/04/21 - 12/13/21.    We are here to help you succeed!   The program will take place at different locations. On Mondays it will be at the Coda Center (Fayetteville Christ Fellowship, 2855 Maple Ave, Fayetteville, WV 25840) with busing from school to the center right after school. On Wednesdays it will be held at FPK8. We are working on a bus ride home after the program, but that has not been confirmed yet.  Snacks will be provided. *This will be a COVID-19 safety-conscious environment.