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Coda has become an integral part of the fabric of afterschool programming. The staff at Coda is, in large part, the reason the program flourishes. Learning at Coda is not just about robots, music, or art. These support the real agenda of having productive, kind, and caring children who grow up without cultural bias or bad behaviors. The program data is amazing and speaks for itself! Discipline referrals for Coda kids have decreased. Attendance has also seen great improvements. As the Superintendent of Fayette County Schools and the Director of Secondary Schools, we firmly support the work of our Coda program.

Terry George, Superintendent Fayette County School and Anna Kincaid-Cline, Director of Secondary Schools

Coda Inspire

In my 2 years spent there, I was able to witness improvements in the students that I wouldn’t have thought possible. I firmly believe that these student’s attitudes, their motivation to work, and their behavior changed after being around the positive, nurturing, and encouraging atmosphere at Coda. There are many kids at the school that do not have positive role models and do not receive much nurturing love and attention when at home. A majority of these students found a positive role model that they enjoyed being around and felt comfortable around in the Coda staff. I had students that literally would not say more than one or two words while in school. After enrolling in Coda, they opened up and became outgoing leaders in their classes.

John Steadman, Music Teacher

Coda Inspire

I consider my first week at CODA to be a major turning point in the greater arch of my life. My lackluster academic and behavioral records improved dramatically after I left camp and dedicated myself intently to studying cello. But I have no misconceptions that the C-major scale alone was keeping me out of detention. It was the passion and persistence that was packaged in each music lesson that sent me down a more rewarding path. I aced the SAT, sat as first chair cellist in the West Virginia Youth Symphony, received a full scholarship to WVU to study Physics, and as a freshman last year I was paid handsomely to conduct Biophysics Research at Yale University. Making this opportunity more widely available to youth would do a lot of good.

David, Music Student

Summer Music Festival

My children take advantage of these classes and have started as teachers assistants this semester. Part of our goal has been to inspire leadership in our youth and train them to be responsible adults. I have watched my son and daughter thrive under the care and love that they have experienced. I fully support Coda and the work they are doing in the community and commit to offer my time to Coda’s many projects.

Lauren, Parent and Coda Worker

This program has helped my daughter in so many ways. It has built confidence as well as helped with behavior, attitude, and actually wanting to go to school. She has more confidence in the person she is and has become since joining Coda. Without this program I don’t know where my child would of been if anything. I’m honored that we have things for our children in Fayette County like this program. I again want to thank the Coda members for making my child into someone who everyone can look up to. I’m grateful for this program because it has helped changed her life and way of thinking.

Michelle, Parent

Coda Inspire

Two of the boys want to become Mechanical Engineers and computer programmers. One son has a passion for strings instruments that he has discovered in Coda music. My daughter plays the violin and this year my youngest son will start his coda music.

Mary, Parent

Coda Robotics

The Coda program is an excellent program that benefits students academically, socially, and emotionally. Many of these students would not be introduced to such experiences had it not been for this program. Monitoring the program the past three years has allowed me to see first-hand the advantages to the participants. Students participating in Coda have a recognizable improvement in behavior, attitude, and attendance.

Even though I am adamant the Coda program has helped a multitude of students and families, there is one case that stands out above the rest. In this particular situation the student was struggling in school and was a potential high school dropout. The progress he made the last three years is unbelievable; in fact, he is now a teacher with Coda and is earning his own paycheck. He is doing well in school and strives to do so because of Coda.

Bryan Parsons, Principal of Fayetteville High School

Coda Inspire

Our son has been very inspired by Coda to do more things in the technology field. He has had a positive outlook on school every day because he knows he has Coda to look forward to.

Jessica, Parent

Coda Robotics

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