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The Transporters

Our Story

Coda Mountain Academy's FLL robotics team, the Transporters, won the Champions Award- 3rd place, March 19, at the 2022-23 West Virginia FLLC State Championship. They are invited to attend the FLL Challenge Invitational @ The Liberty Science Center, May 13 & 14, 2023.    This will be the program's first invitation to the Liberty Science Center (LSC), which is a 300,000 sq.ft. center located in Liberty State Park, on the Jersey City bank of the Hudson, near the Statue of Liberty!

The team is working hard to raise about $5000 which will cover transportation, food, lodging, & 2 days of competition costs. 

Coda Mountain Academy Transporters will compete in the robot game, robot design, the real-world project and core values. The theme of this year’s competition was, “Superpowered”.  Students were challenged to reimagine the future of sustainable energy and power their ideas forward.

They explored where energy comes from and how it is distributed, stored, and used – and then put their superpowered creativity to work to innovate for a better energy future. The team worked on developing an innovative and inexpensive way to purify and transport water in third world countries like Africa.

Any help getting this hard working team to New Jersey is greatly appreciated!



The Team

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